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Inert URL Bar: Change URL bar resizing to be interoperable with Chrome and Safari


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Steps to reproduce:

Scroll down to hide the url bar

Actual results:

All four bars resize

Expected results:

The orange bars should not resize. This matches the current implementation of Safari iOS and Chrome will soon (M56?) use this model as well. This means that the initial containing block should be statically (not react to URL bar) set to the viewport size when the url bar is shown.

One kink is that vh units should be statically sized to the viewport size with the url bar hidden. I agree this is strange but there's use cases for making vh all three off

-Static URL bar hidden
-Static URL bar shown
-Dynamically resize to visible area as URL bar shows/hides

So I think we'd need an API to control which the author would like to use. In the interm, aligning all browsers with Safari will reduce pain for web developers.

See for more details.
Note that this has been discussed off-and-on with some Mozilla folks for awhile (for example here:!searchin/input-dev/Explainer$20URL$20Bar/input-dev/lBZvTtolw-A/fx2grCmKCAAJ).

Although we expect to ship this change in M56 (see!topic/blink-dev/BK0oHURgmJ4) we're of course happy to continue discussing the trade offs here, open to making changes, and in working towards getting this properly standardized.  Feel free to file issues at, and if there's interest we can move this repo to the W3C WICG organization.
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Priority: -- → P3
See Also: → 1245523
Re-triaging per

Needinfo :susheel if you think this bug should be re-triaged.
Priority: P3 → P5

This Fennec bug corresponds to Chrome 56's "Inert URL Bar": Hiding and Showing the URL bar will no longer resize the initial containing block or elements sized with vh units. This matches iOS Safari.

"Intent to Ship: Top Controls don't resize initial containing block and vh units"!msg/blink-dev/BK0oHURgmJ4/PZqveT2LBAAJ

See mention in Fenix issue

OS: Unspecified → Android
Priority: P5 → --
See Also: → 1516048
Whiteboard: [geckoview]

We don't want to resize the viewport on Fenix unless the page is not scrollable.

Priority: -- → P3
Summary: Change URL bar resizing to be interoperable with Chrome and Safari → Inert URL Bar: Change URL bar resizing to be interoperable with Chrome and Safari
Whiteboard: [geckoview] → [geckoview:fenix:p3]
Whiteboard: [geckoview:fenix:p3] → [geckoview]?

This will be superseded by bug 1586144 and bug 1586986. I am going to make this as a duplicate of bug 1515980 which is a blocker of those bugs.
(I should have used this in the first place though).

Closed: 3 years ago
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Product: Firefox for Android → Firefox for Android Graveyard
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