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Blink of wrong scroll position when hiding or showing dynamic toolbar


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(Keywords: regression)


1. Navigate to a page long enough to scroll vertically and hide the dynamic toolbar.
2. Scroll down to hide the toolbar
3. Scroll up enough to show a little over half of the toolbar


Toolbar animates into position


Toolbar animates into position, but page flashes briefly with the wrong scroll position.

I've observed this on a 10.1" Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and a Tesco Hudl 2 tablet. These are both Intel-chip tablets (though different generations). The Samsung tablet is running Android Kitkat with lots of awful Samsung customisations and the Hudl2 is running a mostly-stock Android Lollipop.
kats, is there an ETA on this bug? The proper fix for bug 1245493 depends on it.
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At the moment there is no ETA. The plan here is to converge with other browser vendors on a standard behaviour [1] for the browser when the toolbar is shown/hidden. Right now we fire resize events to content and change the scroll position and such; if we can avoid doing some of that work this bug will probably go away or be easier to fix.

[1] WIP at
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Re-triaging per

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