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Remove duplicated vector icons


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The ActivityStream context menu (landed in Bug 1300144) added a bunch of VectorDrawable icons, some of which are near-duplicates of existing icons.

Most icons cannot be swapped directly, we need to adapt each existing icon/replacement on a case by case basis, including UX evaluation e.g.:

- bookmark star: requires a filled blue version, the vector version has a slightly fatter edge.
- private / tab icons: different design for private "mask", tab icon is hollow in the VectorDrawable version
- new "copy" icon is styled differently (our old copy icon is used in the old text selection action bar, i.e. matches the android system text selection actionbar)
- share icon: slightly different proportions, but might be the easiest icon to replace.

A full list of the icons that were added can be found in:

Bug 1312114 was a first attempt at doing this: in that bug we are landing code that allows us to use VectorDrawable's in various parts of the codebase (unfortunately Android doesn't support them everywhere by default, hence some code changes are needed).

We have a more generic bug to investigate replacing other icons in bug 1310143, this bug is focused on using the already added VectorDrawables to replace some png's.
I'm not quite sure what the priority on this is, setting P2 to keep it visible at least.

It might be best to use this as a metabug, and have a bug per icon replacement. In any case, I'll pushed my WIP patches to ReviewBoard as part of this bug, these should be a useful starting point for actually completing the icon upgrades.
Priority: -- → P2
Whiteboard: [MobileAS]
Priority: P2 → P3
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All open Activity Stream bugs are moving from the whiteboard tag, "[mobileAS]", to the Firefox for Android component, "Activity Stream", so that I can keep better track of these bugs as the new triage owner; I will send out an email shortly with additional details, caveats, etc.
Component: General → Activity Stream
P5: there are many more UX issues to prioritize over APK size now but we'll take a patch for it.
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Rank: 2
Priority: P3 → P5
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