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[meta] Reduce Fennec's storage impact: APK and data


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I just discovered that on one of my friends phones Firefox Mobile has leaked 800 MB of Storage space:

There are at least three separate issues there that I'm going to file bugs on and mark them as blocking this one.
Depends on: 942611
Depends on: 942612
Depends on: 942614
Summary: Stop Firefox Mobile from using so much Storage that app security updates are blocked → Meta: Issues caused by Firefox Mobile using too much Storage space
Depends on: 933979

Cleaning up temp files is hard and bound to fail on edge cases like 
crash etc.. (Compare Thunderbird). OTOH, you don't want to ever leave 
such files behind. So you need more drastic solutions than "cleanup 
after use". 


  * Avoid them altogether 
  * Make a subdir, and ensure that all temp files, no matter which kind, 
    are always placed there. This whole subdir will be deleted on close 
    (not startup).
Depends on: 857888
Keywords: meta
OS: All → Android
Summary: Meta: Issues caused by Firefox Mobile using too much Storage space → [meta] Issues caused by Firefox for Android using too much Storage space
>This whole subdir will be deleted on close (not startup).

There is no such thing as doing things on close in Android, and even for desktop this is something we're trying to get rid of (bug 662444).
Would it be possible to have the code make two temp directories - one for this session, another for the next - and each session flip from using one to the other? That way the contents of the not-in-use directory could be deleted without fear of deleting something that's in-use, and presumably be done at a point in time where its less likely to be bad/impossible, such as startup or shutdown. (Earlier would probably be better to try and clear Storage before any "no storage space" causing crashes prevent us from getting the chance to, if that's a concern.)

We wouldn't even necessarily need to rely on storing any information about which directory should be used next session if we're worried about crashes stopping us from doing that and clearing up. We could simply choose one of the two at random, and then it won't be too many restarts before any cruft is cleared up (well, for most users, statistically speaking).
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I've also encountered the bug when doing this, on my Motorola Defy+ (Android 2.3.6) / Firefox Mobile 27 (and earlier releases) :

- uploading a large file (video) to a website
- selecting the file to upload from the android source selector, choosing a source (stock Android cam or gallery app)
- file will be fully copied into Firefox's data directory in /data/data/org.mozilla.firefox/ (file prefixed by tmp_)

So that when uploading a few big files or many smaller files, my Android's internal space is full.

Why does Firefox mobile need to copy the source file in its data directory, when it can access it directly from the source directory (/mnt/sdcard/dcim/... in the case of pictures and videos)?
Thanks for the report. We have a patch in-place to hopefully fix that issue over in bug 942611.
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Duplicate of this bug: apkshrink
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No longer depends on: 696095, 748488, 856791, 959203, 1001713, 1039902, 1042354
Summary: [meta] Issues caused by Firefox for Android using too much Storage space → [meta] Reduce Fennec's storage impact: APK and data
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In case this adds to the discussion: In my case fully 250MB is taken up by the /storage/default folder.
There are a number of "http+++*" and "https+++*" folders (IndexedDB?) which are not deleted when clearing "cache" and "offline web site data" from Firefox.
I can also see c. 25MB of pending crash reports.
Relevant bug:
One more issue: my "app_tmpdir" increased to 1.8GB and my phone run out of storage.

The only way to resolve this is to go in the folder and delete those files, but you have to be rooted for that which won't work for all users.
Depends on: 1532446
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