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update docker-worker:image:taskclusterprivate/upload_symbols:0.0.3


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It uploads when it should upload 


root@f1402077dc31:/tmp# cat bin/ 
#! /bin/bash
set -e
# checkout the script
source $(dirname $0)/
# Check that we have a taskid to checkout
if [ -z ${ARTIFACT_TASKID} ]; then
    echo "Please set ARTIFACT_TASKID. Exiting"
    exit 0
# grab the symbols from an arbitrary task
wget ${symbol_url}
# run
symbol_zip=$(basename ${symbol_url})
script_name=$(basename ${SCRIPT_PATH})
python -u ${script_name} ${symbol_zip}

I couldn't find where the dockerfile for docker-worker:image:taskclusterprivate/upload_symbols:0.0.3 was stored, perhaps in a private repo since it's a private image
That image was created as part of bug 1168979, the Dockerfile is in this repo:
(I would have linked that on your other bug yesterday but I could not recall it offhand and I lost track of it!)
Moving that to testing/docker in the process would probably be a good idea.
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patch to move upload-symbols dockerfile in tree
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Review of attachment 8807642 [details] [diff] [review]:

Thanks!  There's some trailing whitespace in the Dockerfile that could be cleaned up.
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update docker-worker:image:taskclusterprivate/upload_symbols:0.0.3 r=dustin DONTBUILD
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Do I have to do anything to create the new docker image, according to this is it all automatic?
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Unfortunately you'll have to manually build this and publish it because it needs to include the Socorro authentication token. bug 1253620 covers adding a proxy to taskcluster to avoid the need to bake the token into the image.
So to rebuild the docker image for the signing upload I need the socorro token which I don't have.  And presumably I need to publish it to a private place too. Anyone have any pointers to this data?
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I think I have the rights to push to taskclusterprivate.  Which means I can also pull from it and find the socorro token..
I dunno where it's stored, but there's a puppet module to add it to buildbot builders:

You can always have coop generate a new one by logging into crash-stats. That's all we did originally...
OK, pushed the updated version from attachment 8807659 [details] [diff] [review] as 0.0.4.
0.0.4: digest: sha256:c3a5cce3e37aba59971462a6a9ddd54af7253e982115776b310c189128b5458f size: 2612

if anyone cares :)
thanks dustin!
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patch to use the new image
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update docker-worker:image:taskclusterprivate/upload_symbols:0.0.3 r=kmoir DONTBUILD
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