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Port sdp_file_parser unit test to standalone binary


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As it stands, we don't run this test in automation anyway.

It appears the intention is to be able to run it as a standalone executable, point it to a binary file containing sdp and manually verify the output.

If we want to run it in automation, we should come up with a standard input and an expected output. Otherwise, we should see if we can build it as a standalone executable, or just remove it.
Byron, what do you think we should do with this one? Thanks!
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I _think_ this doesn't use any XPCOM in any meaningful way, so we should be able to build it standalone. We could also build it as a gecko gtest but make its only test-case disabled.
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Dan I created this binary for the purpose of fuzz testing our SDP parser (which is at least 10 times faster via this binary then going all the way through Firefox). And I would like to keep it around for that purpose (assuming the effort to keep it around is not too high).

And yes Byron is right this should be converted into a standalone binary. I don't think it makes sense to keep this around if get converted into a gecko gtest.
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Summary: Port sdp_file_parser unit test to xul gtest or elsewhere → Port sdp_file_parser unit test to standalone binary
There's a prototype of xul-gtestifying this in bug 1257713. It proposes adding an env var, SDP_FILE_PARSER_FILE, rather than passing the file in via command-line.

Building standalone is probably not an option. I'll attach the colossal linking failure.
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Bug 1316886 - Port sdp_file_parser unit test to standalone binary;

LGTM. Thanks for solving it properly!
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Port sdp_file_parser unit test to standalone binary; r=drno
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