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linux64-asan browser-chrome Task timeout after 3600 seconds.


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> something odd happened here on November 8th/9th (I think the 9th) and 
> bc3/bc4 on linux64 asan e10s is taking longer.  Possibly investigating times
> before/after the 9th and seeing if we are right at the limit for 3600
> seconds.  Either more chunks or longer timeout- I prefer the more chunks 
> approach.

I looked back as far as Nov 1 on m-c and found that asan bc3 and bc4 were long-running even then. There is intermittent variation in the job time, but it looks like that variation had existed well prior to Nov 8: I think we just need more capacity, and I also favor more chunks.
This increases mochitest-bc test chunks for linux64-asan only, from 7 to 10. Most chunks run in 20 to 30 minutes, but bc3 on e10s still takes about 45 minutes -- should be good enough to avoid timeouts.

Is it okay to only adjust linux64-asan? That's the only platform hitting (or close to) timeouts, but I sometimes wonder if we should keep chunks the same across platforms.
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increase mochitest-bc chunks to 10 for linux64-asan only

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while it is nice to have parity between types, I don't think that is a requirement- we won't have parity between linux and osx/win for a long time and we haven't for the last 6 months or longer.
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Increase test chunks for linux64-asan browser-chrome; r=jmaher
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