Unhide ASan gtests on release branches if they ever have a reasonable failure percentage



2 years ago
4 months ago


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FWIW, the buildbot-based jobs had to run on a different instance from the other ASAN tests as well (Ubuntu ASAN VM large 12.04 x64 opt test gtest). Greg, can you help find an owner for this?
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2 years ago
If exclusions weren't such a pain to edit I would have included buildbot too, since it has failed 6 of the last 10 runs on mozilla-release (the last one where it's still running) from bug 1303927.

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2 years ago
So it sounds like the ASAN gtests must run on a different instance type....do we know if that's the cause of the failures here for TaskCluster? Looping Joel in in case he has any idea as I do not know much about these tests.
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given that these are hidden on treeherder for all branches for both buildbot/taskcluster, we should question the value of having these around- adding :decoder, :mccr8, :chmanchester as they are interested parties
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I'm not familiar with gtests, so I don't know how useful it is to run them in ASan.
gtests are C++ unit tests. Running them under ASan sounds like a reasonable and desirable thing to do.

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11 months ago
Don't you just love the magic of the passage of time? When treeherder decided to get rid of exclusions in favor of in-tree tiers, it apparently decided to just ignore the problem of dealing with this particular unworkable case, so now they are visible again, and although they pretty much suck on esr52 we're pretty much indifferent to unstarred suckage there, and on beta/release they aren't half bad.
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11 months ago
That isn't exactly correct.

It's still possible to hide the jobs if desired (see https://treeherder.readthedocs.io/common_tasks.html#hide-jobs-with-tiers). However for ESR branches if things are worthy of being hidden, then they really should be disabled (which is why when the transition to to tiers occurred, non trunk branches were only briefly scanned when constructing https://github.com/mozilla/treeherder/blob/0b31c14d308a7b856c31c292102993e02124a067/treeherder/etl/buildapi.py#L24-L52).


4 months ago
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