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Unhide ASan gtests on release branches if they ever have a reasonable failure percentage



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10 months ago
10 months ago


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FWIW, the buildbot-based jobs had to run on a different instance from the other ASAN tests as well (Ubuntu ASAN VM large 12.04 x64 opt test gtest). Greg, can you help find an owner for this?
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10 months ago
If exclusions weren't such a pain to edit I would have included buildbot too, since it has failed 6 of the last 10 runs on mozilla-release (the last one where it's still running) from bug 1303927.

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10 months ago
So it sounds like the ASAN gtests must run on a different instance type....do we know if that's the cause of the failures here for TaskCluster? Looping Joel in in case he has any idea as I do not know much about these tests.
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given that these are hidden on treeherder for all branches for both buildbot/taskcluster, we should question the value of having these around- adding :decoder, :mccr8, :chmanchester as they are interested parties
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I'm not familiar with gtests, so I don't know how useful it is to run them in ASan.
gtests are C++ unit tests. Running them under ASan sounds like a reasonable and desirable thing to do.
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