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Add nicer labels for the QR builds


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On the graphics branch we have some new build types for the QuantumRender work that's ongoing. I like nice labels so I'd like to label them appropriately in TH.
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Not sure what the process here is exactly. Other open PRs seem to have autolander-generated review requests but that didn't happen for mine.
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Should these be build variations shown on the same line as an existing platform, or on their own line? If on their own line (as the current PR does), I think a build option type (eg like opt/debug/asan) might be more appropriate to store the "QR" attribute.
I think they're probably better off as a separate platform, because they have their own opt/debug variants. They need to be shown on their own line because they have tests as well. See for an example
Ah if they have their own opt/debug variants then yes totally agree :-)
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While this works to get them nicely labeled, I would suggest putting them up with the other desktop platforms, instead of being at the bottom of the list. Either grouped together like you have them now (priorities 31-33, maybe?[1]), or line them up with the rest of the similar platforms (put the linux-qr job up with other linux64 jobs, same for osx and windows[2]).

Bug 1306132 will remove the need to manually assign these arbitrary priority numbers, but that's waiting for post-Hawaii reviews.

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Of those two screenshots I think the second is preferable to me. I'll update the PR.
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Bug 1322840 - Add nice labels for the QR builds on the graphics branch. (#2024) r=kwierso
Nice, thanks!
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Quick after the fact driveby question: Should the Linux QR jobs be labeled as "Linux x64 QuantumRender" instead of just "Linux QuantumRender"?
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Whoops, you're right, I should have labelled in x64. I'll make a followup PR.
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Oh hey this time the bot picked it up.
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[treeherder] staktrace:qr-fix > mozilla:master

Yeah, if your pull request's first commit's message includes "bug xyz", the attachment gets created automatically.
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