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Disable acceleration by default on Linux


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Until we are able to schedule the work blocking the Linux acceleration riding the trains, we're going to disable it.  With accelerated nightly, we're starting to see regressions in the unaccelerated configuration which is on aurora, beta and release.
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Just removes the hack we did to enable it on nightly. The fuzz we added in bug 594876 can remain since it is conditional on acceleration being detected anyway. Otherwise, try run looks green, and no new failures from disabling this.
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don't enable GL compositor by default on Linux nightly

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On a side note, it feels like we should simplify this whole logic, get rid of "AccelerateByDefault" and move it into the prefs, or at least put the #ifdef in the right place, instead of the base gfxPlatform.
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don't enable GL compositor by default on Linux nightly. r=milan
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this is really sad, yet another area where firefox falls behind chrome :/
(In reply to Clemens Eisserer from comment #5)
> this is really sad, yet another area where firefox falls behind chrome :/

As you can probably imagine, Mozilla doesn't have the resources to staff browser development on the same scale as Google.

What we do have going for us, is a community of passionate volunteer contributors to complement the work of paid contributors.

If you are passionate about having Firefox provide a better user experience on Linux via hardware acceleration, consider contributing to this effort, or encouraging others to do so. Bug 594876 has a number of dependencies that are still open; fixing any one of those would get us closer to being able to enable hardware acceleration again.
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