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Duplicate device’s names are shown on History->Synced devices category


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When user already log in Firefox account with multiple different devices, 
duplicate device’s names are shown on History->Synced devices category which is confusing.
Hi Max,

per our discussion in the meeting yesterday, 
do you have any better idea or solution to generate the list for synced devices ? 
such as what explained, using time + device serial ID+ release ID ? or 

Could you please kindly share your ideas with us ? Thank you !!
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Some semi-related reading on client list could be found in Bug 1264057.
If we want to filter out duplicate devices, we might have to provide more information like "device - current release channel - current profile" pair as unique key to filter.
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This bug isn't a regression, but rather a direct consequence of how we deal with client record expiration, and how that overlays on top of the FxA device concept.
Ed has landed de-duped, so we believe this is fixed - please reopen if you still have problems.
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Still happening on Android if you delete & reinstall the app and sync.

1. Sign in and sync with some open tabs on Android.
2. Uninstall the app.
3. Reinstall the app and sign in to sync with the same account.
4. Check the Synced devices list.
The same device is shown in the synced devices for each time you re-install the app and sync with open tabs.
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> The same device is shown in the synced devices for each time you re-install the app and sync with open tabs.

I expect the same will be true for the list of "connected devices" on your Firefox Account at:

Since uninstalling the app doesn't tear down the FxA sessionToken, it just discards all the local data about the signin.  So the server has no way of knowing that you've uninstalled and re-installed the app, it can't tell the difference between a reinstalled app and a brand new device.

IIUC, the only way for us to avoid duplicate listings would be to have the device send us some sort of "fingerprint" to identify itself, like its advertising ID or serial number as suggested in Comment 1.  That's going to quickly get into privacy/tracking concerns that I'm not convinced are worth the slight improvements in user experience here.
Note also that if the new device has the same name as the old device, it will stop being shown in Desktop Firefox's UI after 1 week, or after 3 weeks if the name if different. However, it will probably persist in for longer (but you can explicitly delete it from there)

This is reproducible on ESR 68.2b2 and RC 68.1.1 with Huawei Honor 8 (Android 7.0) with the steps:

  1. Sign in with the same account on mobile and desktop;
  2. Visit some pages and run a sync;
  3. Disconnect and sign in on mobile;
  4. Go to History and check the Synced devices list;
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4.

In the Synced devices, the device name is duplicated, like in the Description.

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