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redundant task shown on the screen when clicking “check sync settings” on the Firefox Accounts page


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After Users log in Firefox accounts, 
and click “check sync settings” on the Firefox Accounts page, there will be a redundant task shown on the task manager as in the 1st attachment.

Suggest to keep only one running task as in the 2nd attachment.
Suggested screen to keep only one task on-going
This might be something to do with our web-based sync flow. 

Grisha, do you know why we have 2 items in the Android system "Recents" here?
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iirc, these are remnants of our attempt to keep anything account/sync-related as separate from core Fennec. In practice, I don't think this buys us very much, and there's quite a bit of intermingling between the two (primarily various bits of fennec poking at the accounts state). To streamline user experience, with some effort, we should be able to refactor sync/accounts preferences into a regular pref screen, as opposed to a separate activity.

rnewman or nalexander should be able to provide more context around this kind of refactoring.
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Back story for this change itself is Bug 965020, I think, but might overlap with Bug 1220906.

Fennec itself is SingleTop (or is it SingleTask?). If you open Fennec settings, and that opens FxA settings, and you click from there to Terms and Conditions, we can't just open Fennec, lest we lose your entire back stack. That's part of Bug 964883. To avoid some of those issues we use the task stack instead of the activity stack. switched from having two entry points, only one of which is a new task, to a single entry point.

Be careful of perturbing some of this stuff lest you break some of these more complicated interactions.
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Re-triaging per

Needinfo :susheel if you think this bug should be re-triaged.
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