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Allow for multiple simultaneous browser activities


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We need to be able to have Sync and FxA activities interleaved with Gecko. For example:

  * Launch Fennec
  * Open Settings
  * Tap Sync.
  * Tap a help link.
  * Read page.
  * Hit 'back' to get back to Sync setup.

That's currently not possible.

This hard-blocks Bug 962646 from being resolved via "just launch Fennec". It blocks us from providing access to FxA Sync setup from within Fennec itself.
Whiteboard: [qa?]
We're able to do half of this with some manifest tweaks:

* Open Fennec
* Settings > Firefox Account
* Click a link
* Hit back: goes back to the FxA wizard.
* Hit back again:
  * Desired: back to Fennec.
  * Actual: drops to launcher.

We cannot solve this for the classic Sync setup, due to Bug 774233 -- the above works by making each part of the app a separate task (which, incidentally, is what Chrome does).

In order to complete the simplest version of the desired flow, we need to augment this by tracking a subset of stack events -- particularly when we've invoked BrowserApp -- and fake the back stack ourselves.

In order to behave correctly in the broadest case, and be a generally good citizen on Android, we'd need to be able to support multiple Activity instances backed by the same abstract browser. That's a longer-term refactor, which would also enable some magic.
Depends on: 965020
No longer blocks: 964863
Assignee: rnewman → nobody
No longer blocks: 962646
Summary: Provide a way to push BrowserApp onto the activity stack twice → Allow for multiple simultaneous browser activities
Depends on: 1077583
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