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Undefined variables used in browser_aboutperformance.js highlighting unused test code


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Turning on no-undef for browser_aboutperformance.js, gives the following eslint errors:

  109:60  error  'eltDetails' is not defined.          no-undef (eslint)
  122:47  error  'eltDetails' is not defined.          no-undef (eslint)
  122:69  error  'reCPU' is not defined.               no-undef (eslint)
  129:61  error  'eltDetails' is not defined.          no-undef (eslint)

(there's some others about sendAsyncMessage/addMessageListener which are not related to this bug).

The reCPU issue needs this line adding back in, that I accidentally removed in bug 1315951 (the case of the variable name was wrong):

let reCPU = /CPU usage: (\d+)%/;

The eltDetails appear to be actual issues, but when investigating those, it became clear that the `  addMessageListener("aboutperformance-test:checkSanity",` section of the test isn't being fully run.

The `content.document.querySelectorAll("delta")` for loop appears to not iterate - presumably, the delta isn't found, or it doesn't have any items:

This code was added in bug 1189799.
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That's pretty useful, thanks. Deflecting to jaws, who's mentoring someone to rewrite that entire codebase.
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Unfortunately we have shifted away from the about:performance project due to a lack of specification and well defined direction.
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So, thanks for the bug reports. Unfortunately, I'm not working on Firefox at all these days, so I don't know when I would find time to fix these things. I will try to find time at some point in February, if my CD deadlines don't press too  much, but I can make no promise.
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I found the issue with the missing iteration & fixed that, and then also fixed a few other issues that the test showed up. I'll do a try push just to make sure there's no intermittents introduced with this.
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Bug 1328254 - Fix browser_aboutperformance.js to correctly check the delta displays.

Thank you for fixing these. I'm not sure how this test was running/passing before.
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(In reply to Jared Wein [:jaws] (please needinfo? me) from comment #6)
> Comment on attachment 8828790 [details]
> Thank you for fixing these. I'm not sure how this test was running/passing
> before.

It didn't have the right item for query selector call, so the section didn't run - I added a check for making sure there's at least one item in the array so it can't happen in future.
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Fix browser_aboutperformance.js to correctly check the delta displays. r=jaws
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