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Anything visited from the locationbar is marked as "typed"


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User Story

Currently "typed" is just synonym for "picked from the urlbar".
Engineering thinks a real typed information would not be particularly good as a user signal, since a url may be typed just to check it (after having rwad it on a magazine or somewhere else).
On the other side the information of being picked from the urlbar may be of value, so we could just evaluate a rename.
Recent changes to urlbarBindings.xml made us always (apart from a few cases like switch to tab) go through _loadURL. Or maybe we always did, but now we have a bunch of new result types.

_loadURL calls addToUrlbarHistory(url); that calls PlacesUIUtils.markPageAsTyped.

first, addToUrlbarHistory should imo be removed, and markPageAsTyped should grow an optional "win" argument. At least it will be clear what it does.

This creates a bias on autofill and frecency, that may not always be wanted. We should not mark as typed any kind of result, it should rather be an opt-in depending on the result type (good for visiturl, not for search suggestions, for example).
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Blocks: 1467631
No longer blocks: qb-results-papercuts
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Depends on: 1635100
Severity: normal → S3
Priority: P2 → P3
Whiteboard: [fxsearch] → [snt-]
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