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review sidebar-button injection




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2 months ago
18 days ago


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2 months ago
For the new sidebarAction API we inject the sidebar-button into the toolbar, before the back-button.  This is limited to nightly and aurora.

We need to UX review this and consider user testing.

Comment 1

2 months ago
Hi Markus,  We need ux for this part.  Ask Shane (mixedpuppy) for details if not clear.
Flags: needinfo?(mjaritz)
Whiteboard: sidebar, needs UX
Hi Shane, thanks for triggering a review of this.
how can I experience that behavior currently? (First for review, then probably for user testing.)
Is this functionality already in Nightly? If so, where can I find an extension to test it with?
Flags: needinfo?(mjaritz)

Comment 3

2 months ago
Hi Markus,
Per talking with Kev, I'm going to land the behavior that I've created in bug 1208596.  This bug should get a comment when that lands.  I'll make a simple extension available here as well.

Comment 4

2 months ago
ignore in triage until bug 1208596 has landed and then UX review feedback.
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Comment 5

2 months ago
I don't think there is any reason to re-triage this, its just something that has to be done.
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Whiteboard: sidebar, needs UX → sidebar, needs UX, triaged


18 days ago
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