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stylo: value of flex-basis should be set to 0% if it is omitted in flex shorthand


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It seems to me the CSS Flexible Box spec says, if the part of flex-basis is omitted in a declaration of flex shorthand, the specified value of flex-basis should be "0". And given flex-basis accepts "0" as a <width> value, I believe it means "0px" rather than "0%" here (although they are effectively the same for layout, they are different from CSSOM.)
I didn't test the code, but from the expected behavior of layout/style/test/test_flexbox_flex_shorthand.html test, I suppose the current behavior doesn't match the spec.
I recall the spec requiring 0% (with the percent) at some point. If it doesn't now, then there was likely a spec change.
Whiteboard: [stylo]
I guess you're right that the spec at least required 0% at some point, because all browsers I test so far (Firefox, Chrome, Edge) all agree with that behavior.
From the discussion mentioned in the commit, it seems to me changing from 0% to 0px may actually affect the layout. And given that all browsers currently agree with setting it to 0%, I don't think we should risk changing the behavior. So we should just make stylo align with other browsers.
Summary: Value of flex-basis should be set to 0px if it is omitted in flex shorthand → stylo: value of flex-basis should be set to 0% if it is omitted in flex shorthand
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Submitted servo/servo#17073 for making Servo align with browsers.
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