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Re-enable SCCACHE for linux64-ccov builds


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Steps to reproduce:

Run a build on taskcluster with sccache enabled. For example, see: (232kB gcno archive)

Actual results:

The produced "gcno" archive is missing most of the "gcno" files, and is undersized.

Expected results:

Build running with sccache should properly track the "gcno" files. When the final "gcno" archive is created as an artifact, it should be around ~75mB
Depends on: 1334402
1. linux64-ccov builds were producing incomplete gcno issues
2. Cause was determined to be incorrect sccache interaction:
3. sccache is being disabled for linux64-ccov builds:
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Ted, Chris, I think this is pretty important for build times, right? Do you know what kind of improvement would be expected by using sccache?
I've filed to add support to sccache.
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Somewhere in this ballpark, presumably:,1682429,1,2&series=mozilla-inbound,1582370,1,2

The "plain" builds build without sccache (for measuring build system times without the noise introduced by sccache caching). You can see that the "build times opt plain" measurement is fairly consistent, and the "build times opt" measurement (which does use sccache) is quite a bit lower but variable.
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I don't have any more info on this. As long as they only run in a few configurations I don't think the efficiency of these builds would be a big concern from an infrastructure capacity standpoint.
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I'm working on 

1. Here's a try build without changing anything:

2. Here's a try build that just enables sccache, without patching it (to see if the problem is still there):

3. And here's a try build that uses the patched sccache that I've been working on:

The gcno archives for build #1 and #3 are roughly the same, 75.9mb. I'll update with build #2 once it's done.
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Summary: Re-enable and SCCACHE with linux64-ccov, and configure to not lose "gcno" files → Re-enable SCCACHE for linux64-ccov builds
Interesting enough, build #2 produces a gcno archive of roughly the same size as the other ones, 75.9mb, but it's missing some files. Builds #1 and #3 have the same files.
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Bug 1334940 - Re-enable SCCACHE for linux64-ccov.

Thanks for fixing the sccache issue!
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Re-enable SCCACHE for linux64-ccov. r=ted
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