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While exploring mozqa questions on IRC, I found an instance where we are testing plain HTTP to mozqa, with the intent of testing the Firefox 'insecure' request path.

I'd like to ask that we change this as follows:

        self.urls = [
            # Invalid cert page
            # Secure page
            # Insecure page
-           ''
+           ''

This will require asking IT to set up to work as works today, which will be a very easy request for us.

If this is an acceptable request, please needinfo? me and I'll line up the ducks on the IT side to make this possible.
See Also: → 1336257
Richard, that sounds perfect and I'm all with you on this. Lets do it. Thanks.
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Depends on: 1336361
Filed bug 1336361 and once it's closed we'll be able to take further action upstream here. Thank you for your patience with all of the http:// stuff tonight!
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Richard, I assume we can now start to update the tests?
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I believe so! If they pass, then yes :)
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Depends on: 1367540
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Bug 1336254 - Use to access test pages on without SSL.
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Use to access test pages on without SSL. r=maja_zf
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To be able to faster decommission the HTTP access for beside, I would like to see this test-only patch uplifted to all other branches. Thanks.
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Richard, everything should be done now. I would propose that you await the next esr releases, before stopping the delivering of content via HTTP from any vhost beside
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Great, thank you!
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