the container of the current tab isn't accessibly exposed.




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Steps to reproduce:

1. open gmail in the personal tab.
2. Open gmail in the work tab.
3. switch between them. Note that information about each tab isn't exposed to accessibility API's, even though in settings for each tab, you can select an icon. I  presume the title bar gets an icon or similar for this?
It would be ideal if each tab got accessibility information incorporated into the tab name, and by extension the window title.

"How to Add SATA Hard Disk to Virtual Machine in VirtualBox - Nightly" currently in a container tab for personal, should be "How to Add SATA Hard Disk to Virtual Machine in VirtualBox - Personal - Nightly"


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Comment 1

a year ago
The tooltip of the tab includes the container as comment #0 suggests. It wouldn't make sense to include it in the tab label because it will almost never fit (visually) - hence using the tooltip. Marco, why isn't the tooltip of the tab exposed to a11y users?
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Because tool tips are normally only mouse-driven things. We may expose this as the AccDescription (haven't checked), but that, too, is only secondary info and only gets spoken when directly focusing the thing with the keyboard and letting the screen reader read the tab label plus type first.

What one could do, to make it obvious that this is a container tab, would be to override the tab item's label with an aria-label that indicates *before* the actual tab label that this is a container tab of a certain type. That way it would still be only read when focused, but the (in this case very important) info comes much earlier.
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P3 probably makes more sense (Spoke with Kamil about this)
Priority: P5 → P3
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