Suggest : add cut-paste for the tree of folders



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Steps to reproduce:

Try to reorganize 2400 folders.
needs to :
- find the involved folders (selected by name with quickfolders)
- find the destination and collapse "around"
- go back to the first involved folder
- Maintain click-down during vertical scroll (intempestively too quick)
- don't quit finger down : if so your folder can be lost - quickfolder can give tenth of answers for a keyword. If you have accidentally performed a mouse up during move you can spend a lot of time to find back your folder...

The ergonomy is valid for no more than 100 to 200 folders, no more

Actual results:

Extremely difficult even with the help of quickfolders add-on.
The alone way to move a folder (duplicated ot to group in a new way) is to open it and drag and drop the folder into the tree (see others thread about his)

Expected results:

Could happen :
- use cut the folder (with subfolders)
- search folder destination (no other way than human memory or use of quickfolders)
- paste the folder (graft)

Note : cannot use simple cut-paste because of the need of cancel and risk of conflict operation if a simple "escape" could be used to cancel. In my opinion this operation needs a contextual menu :
- cut the folder
- paste the folder
- message "cut of "folder "<name>" is pending and "cancel option" while operation is not ended


2 years ago
Summary: Suggest : add cut-paste to the tree of folders → Suggest : add cut-paste for the tree of folders


2 years ago
Severity: normal → enhancement
Component: Untriaged → Folder and Message Lists
Depends on: 767416
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