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Update webrender to 938b32ca93bf5e878422ac4bafcdd53f8058f880


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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #1335799 +++

I'm filing this as a placeholder bug for the next webrender update. I will be running a cron script that does try pushes with webrender update attempts, so that we can track build/test breakages introduced by webrender on a rolling basis. This bug will hold the try push links as well as dependencies filed for those breakages, so that we have a better idea going into the update of what needs fixing.

When we are ready to actually land the update, we can rename this bug and use it for the update, and then file a new bug for the next "future update"
For reference, the script I'm using to do this is at

And here's the first try job (not yet on cron, just making sure the setup works):

I have a complicated half-baked idea involving ifdefs and bug numbers to keep our in-tree bindings patched as we encounter changes on the webrender side, so that we can continue to catch additional changes/breakages rather than stopping after the first one. We can jump over that bridge when we get there though.
Jeff said he wanted to update webrender. We can use 938b32ca93bf5e878422ac4bafcdd53f8058f880 since we know it's safe and has the changes he wants.
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Summary: Future webrender update bug → Update webrender to 938b32ca93bf5e878422ac4bafcdd53f8058f880
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Update webrender to cset 938b32ca93bf5e878422ac4bafcdd53f8058f880. rs=jrmuizel
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