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Autocomplete popups needs to handle dir="auto" case


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Our autocomplete popups set their direction according to the text input that they're associated with. HTML5 added "auto", which dynamically sets direction depending on the first character in the string.

Our autocomplete popups don't support auto, I don't think - like, they'll point LTR or RTL for the suggestions, but if the dir="auto", they're not going to be able to show both directions in the popup for each suggestion.
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Hrm. Slight problem here. It looks like, from some initial pokings, that <xul:description> (which is what is displaying the label inside the autocomplete popup) doesn't support dir="auto". Reading bug 548206, it's possible that dir="auto" is not a thing that can currently be represented with XUL.

Does that sound accurate, Neil?
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The dir attribute in xul refers to the flexible box direction, not the text direction.

I don't know anything about dir="auto", but it looks like auto-dir handling is done via a flag in nsINode. (a set of flags such as NodeHasDirAutoSet), so it might work to just set the right flags as needed.
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