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Remove pref layout.css.object-fit-and-position.enabled


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We've been shipping object-fit & object-position default-enabled for years now (as of bug 1099450).

Unlikely that we'd want to un-ship it at this point  Let's remove the pref.
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A few notes on part 1:

 - I'm ignoring the "DO NOT EDIT!" disclaimers at the top of reftest-stylo.list files. Manishearth says this is fine & that the disclaimer is largely obsolete, especially for mechanical changes like this.

 - I'm updating my "generate-object-fit-*" scripts [which I originally wrote to generate the object-fit & object-position tests & manifests, & which I checked in at dbaron's request) -- they mention this pref in their reftest.list-generating boilerplate, and I'm updating them to remove that from the boilerplate.  (Not so much because I care about keeping these scripts up-to-date -- mostly just because I don't want there to be any DXR/grep hits for the pref name after this bug is done.)

 - In property_database.js, this is purely a code-move (except for the first and last line of each chunk, which is changing from...
  "gCSSProperties["object-fit"] = {
  "object-fit": {
Sorry, the first version of "part 1" didn't compile, because these properties had CSS_PROPERTY_ENABLED_IN_UA_SHEETS in nsCSSPropList.h, which is meaningless once they're not pref-controlled.  And we (helpfully!) have some build-time checks to complain about that.

So, this updated version removes those CSS_PROPERTY_ENABLED_IN_UA_SHEETS usages as well.
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Depends on: 1099450
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part 2: regenerate devtools db

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part 1: Remove all mentions of about:config pref "layout.css.object-fit-and-position.enabled" from source files. r=mats
part 2: Regenerate devtools' generated properties db, now that layout.css.object-fit-and-position.enabled is removed. r=mats
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