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Web Push could be a very powerful feature if exposed to GeckoView consumers. GCM is kind of a PITA in comparison (IMHO), and Android's WebView does not support it AFAIK.

I am not sure what it would really look like, but it would probably provide a way for the Service Worker to communicate with an Android service.
Summary: Figure out Web Push support with GeckoView → [geckoview] Figure out Web Push support
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I'll note that using anything other than native message support could cause the OS to trigger battery use warnings. That's one of the bigger reasons that we picked using GCM / APNs as a "bridge" system. 

There are a few other options, of course, but they come with conditions.

1) Instead of keeping a constant connection open, poll the server to see if any messages are outstanding. 
Cons: potentially high delay for message delivery compared with "native" implementations.

2) Use the bridge as a "poke" service. Send a "data-free" poke over the bridge to wake the UA to fetch messages using websocket method.
Cons: Kinda wasteful, still requires costly decryption but also now separate connection costs.

3) Use only native push service. GCM/FCM provide webpush. We could skip our own system in favor of a "pure" native implementation.
Cons: Significantly complicates future mozilla services like pushbox and broadcast.
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