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stylo: Stylesheet cloning doesn't seem to work right

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CSS Parsing and Computation
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See attached testcase: text should be green.
Summary: Stylesheet cloning doesn't seem to work right → stylo: Stylesheet cloning doesn't seem to work right
Assignee: nobody → bwerth
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Another example showing that something is up here.
Though I think that second testcase just shows that we don't do the "copy" part of the copy-on-write cloning setup that stylesheets are supposed to have....  which while clearly broken is not sufficient to explain the first testcase.
Oh, I think I see what's up with the first testcase.  We have two sheets, both sharing a single inner.  We remove one of them, which calls ServoStyleSet::RemoveStyleSheet, which calls:

    Servo_StyleSet_RemoveStyleSheet(mRawSet.get(), aSheet->RawSheet(), !mBatching);

where aSheet->RawSheet() goes via the _inner_.  That is, that pointer is the same for both sheets.  And Servo_StyleSet_RemoveStyleSheet does this:

    data.stylesheets.retain(|x| !arc_ptr_eq(x, sheet));

which removes _both_ copies of the servo-side sheet from the list.

The fundamental problem there is that this mirroring setup is totally broken given how sheet cloning works: it needs to have distinct objects servo-side for distinct sheets, but it doesn't.  Another testcase coming up that shows this.
Created attachment 8848835 [details]
Testcase showing incorrect cascading when a sheet is added dynamically

I'm not sure why the brokenness is when "target" is the first thing.  I would have expected this bit in Servo_StyleSet_InsertStyleSheetBefore:

    let index = data.stylesheets.iter().position(|x| arc_ptr_eq(x, reference)).unwrap();

to find the first index and the bug to therefore arise when inserting before the _second_ clone.  So I don't know quite what's going on there.
Created attachment 8848836 [details]
Correct testcase showing incorrect cascading
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2 days ago
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