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remove Font-Message


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This Message about the needed fonts makes it impossible to use MathML in a
normal way, it only confuses users
Maybe we should add a checkbox which says "Do not show me this dialog again" -
and setting the checkbox will set a prefs item to turn the dialog off...

Hint: If there is no "download plugin"-plugin in dist/bin/plugins/ such a dialog
appears which has such a "Do not show me this dialog again"-checkbox...
MathML doesn't work without fonts. The message is only once-per-session. TeX is
even more unforgiving, it will refuse to start if its fonts are not there. Are
there any problems in installing the needed fonts for someone who really wants
to use MathML on a regular basis?

Note to gisburn: since TeX CM fonts are causing you troubles on your Solaris at
the moment, you can eliminate them from the list of fonts that are checked
against. See mathfont-family in and remove the fonts that
you cannot have. The side-effect of this is that it will lessen the urge to fix
the problem of making the TeX fonts on your Solaris. There are TeX distributions
on Solaris, so the fonts should normally work.
which special characters need the additional fonts?
There is a documentation at the URL indicated in the prompt. See also bug 119664

Resolving as WONTFIX.
Closed: 23 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
something about this should be in the release notes. see bug 133795
Note: gisburn finally found the trick to get the TeX CM fonts to work on his
Solaris box - bug 120560 comment 9.
VERIFIED WONTFIX although I wouldn't personally mind a check box to not show the
prompt -- my installed fonts are a little screwy in that most mathematical
characters work ok but not all of them, meaning that for my purposes MathML
works but the prompt appears anyway. No big deal though, I really should just
fix the fonts instead.
Handling TeX Fonts on the Mac are proving enigmatic so far - bug 161137. The
suggested work-around is to _not_ install the TeX fonts until that bug is fixed.
Just like the letter 'a' can be found in several fonts, the special math
characters can be found in the other Mathematica fonts, and those fonts are
known to be okay on the Mac.
...more accurately, my comment above is meant for Mac users who read this bug,
and it more accurately reads as: "The suggested work-around [for Mac users] is
to _not_ install the TeX fonts until bug 161137 is fixed."
...and to stop Mozilla from popping up the missing font dialog about TeX fonts,
just set this pref in your prefs.js (or your user.js):

user_pref("font.mathfont-family", "Math1, Math2, Math4, Symbol");
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