Lightning in profile prevents OS change



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Steps to reproduce:

I use the same TB profile on Ubuntu and Windows alternately.

Actual results:

After changing over to the other OS, Lightning Addon becomes invalid, so I can't use my calendar.
Same problem occurs when importing a complete TB profile from Windows to Ubuntu, as Ubuntu is almost always late with new TB versions. 

Expected results:

Please widen the version compatibility of Lightning, as it is nearly impossible to have the exactly same version of TB on both systems.


5 months ago
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5 months ago
Summary: Lightning profile prevents OS change → Lightning in profile prevents OS change

Comment 1

5 months ago
Setting to critical as loss of complete calendar data is possible when user tries to fix the problem in an inappropriate way.
Severity: blocker → critical
This really isn't dataloss.

And in 45 it's impossible. In Thunderbird 52 the binary is gone BUT further cross platform work is needed in lightning. And even then, it's not clear to me that we support sharing of profiles xplatform. In short, it's not supported today.
Severity: critical → major
Component: OS Integration → General
Product: Thunderbird → Calendar
Version: 45 Branch → unspecified

Comment 3

5 months ago
Thanks for the news about TB 52.

I had this scenario:
On Ubuntu I had:
  Tb 45.7.0
  Ln 4.7.4 compatible with Tb 45.0..45.*
After switch to Windows I had:
  Tb 45.7.1
  Ln compatible with Tb 45.7.1..45.*
After switching back to Ubuntu I had:
  Tb 45.7.0
  Ln *in*compatible with Tb 45.7.0

Even for an experienced user who is able to check the version range from install.rdf, this looks that he can't access his calendar data until the version of Lightning is available on Ubuntu, because there is no information, if the current calendar data is still backward compatible to Ln 4.7.4 and therefore may become corrupted. This is a de facto dataloss from the users view.

This is the problem I wanted to point on. With little wider version ranges, or with at least explicit information on data compatibility with older versions of Lightning, this problem/risk could be avoided.
It's not only the version, Ln also checks the platform. It looks like the newer Windows TB installed his Windows Ln and this one is incompatible with Linux. Wouldn't the Windows TB installed his newer version, it would have said, Ln is incompatible and it would still work on Linux.

Xplatform usage isn't a average user scenario as he also need to know how to point the profiles to a shared place.
In days past this would be closed as a dup of bug 464231. But libcal.js is in the future.  However, to expand one what Richard said, even if both OS are using the same version of TB (which will be rare I think) and same version of lightning, cross platform profile sharing isn't officially supported at the Thunderbird level. So I don't see how this can be officially supported or be a useful goal for Calendar.  But I could be wrong.
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Since landing of bug 352543 in Lightning 5.7 for TB 55 cross platform profile sharing should be no problem, except the version conflicts.
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