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Turn off xml:base for style attribute by default for all channels


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With bug 1349024, we are going to turn off xml:base for style attribute. If that doesn't lead to significant issues, we probably should have it ride the train to completely unship xml:base for style attribute.
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miketaylr, have you seen any compat issue reported which may be related to bug 1349024 disabling xml:base for style attribute? If not, should we try moving forward in this bug to have it rid the train to beta and release?
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Adding this to the 55 tracking list so it's on the radar for release management.
I'm not aware of any reports. Dennis, Tom, anything I might have missed?
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Same here; I don't recall any reports related to this.
Have not found or seen anything, no.
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OK, then let's do it.
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jet, although you suggested me that we only do this for beta for now, it doesn't seem to me it is a usual pattern to have separate settings for beta and release, and I think it makes sense. We probably want to keep beta and release consistent so that we know the status of release from beta.
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Bug 1350521 - Turn off xml:base for style attribute by default for all channels.

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Turn off xml:base for style attribute by default for all channels. r=jet
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We've not even got any documentation for xml:base anymore (the page simply redirects to the page for <base>), so I've just added a note to the Fx55 rel notes:

Let me know if that's OK. Thanks!
That looks good, thanks!
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