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Use Songti TC and Songti SC as default font in the default font list


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Songti TC and Songti SC should be used ahead of STSong or LiSong Pro, for zh-TW/HK and zh-CN.
More context here: Songti TC/SC are new fonts since OS X Mavericks. Given that it's possible to disable/remove old system fonts in the new macOS, we should get this listed in our default font list to avoid fallback to incorrect font (for example, w/ our current list user will see Heiti TC (a sans-serif font) if LiSong Pro was uninstalled).

It is unclear to me how LiSong Pro was uninstalled from my system, but I pretty sure it does on it's own maybe when I checked the available storage.

Songti is noticeably looks heaver. I would say it's better but this can be a subjective opinion.
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How about default font of Chrome and Safari?  Do they changes to Songti TC and Songti SC?
I can confirm Chrome and Safari both use Songti TC/SC.
Kato, could you steal review?
(In reply to Tim Guan-tin Chien [:timdream] (please needinfo) from comment #5)
> Kato, could you steal review?

We should use EARLY_BETA_OR_EARLIER like Bug 548311 when changing default font at first.  1st reason is for web compatibility and 2nd reason is that new font might have unexpected another bug (see comment of MacOSFontEntry::ReadCMAP()).
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Bug 1350766 - Add Songti TC/SC to zh-CN/HK/TW default serif font list for MacOS,

If there is no ciritical issue after this,let's turn on this on release chnanel of 58 or 59.
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Also, we should post this change to dev.platform.
Intent to ship sent. Will land this tomorrow.
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Add Songti TC/SC to zh-CN/HK/TW default serif font list for MacOS, r=m_kato
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