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Convert nsDisplaySolidColorRegion to WR DisplayItems


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Summary: Convert nsSolidColorRegion to WR DisplayItems → Convert nsDisplaySolidColorRegion to WR DisplayItems
Michael will help on this case.
Assignee: mchang → cleu
Blocks: layers-free
Hi Markus

Do you know what circumstances will utilize this display item?

I want to test its correctness, but got no luck entering this part of code.
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It's used for the "modal" find bar UI, which you can enable by flipping the pref findbar.modalHighlight to true. If you then search for a word on a page which occurs multiple times, you can see the whole page except for those word occurences go darker. This darkening is achieved by putting an nsDisplaySolidColorRegion with partially-transparent black on top of the page.
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BTW, I found something strange when I enable modal highlight.

The left side is Firefox Beta, and the right one is nightly, webrender is not enabled on both browser.

I use cmd+F to search "wiki" and "free", the left side will clean old highlights when I change my keyword while right side won't.

I have tried webrender/layers-free on/off but it seems that they are irrelevant.

Is that an expected behavior?
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That's not expected behavior. Can you still reproduce this? I can't.
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Bug 1351511 - Support nsDisplaySolidColorRegion to WR DisplayItems
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Yes, still reproducible, both "wiki" and "free" are highlighted after I change my cmd+F keyword
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(In reply to Michael Leu[:Lenzak](UTC+8) from comment #11)
> Created attachment 8906435 [details]
> Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 10.19.14 AM.png
> Yes, still reproducible, both "wiki" and "free" are highlighted after I
> change my cmd+F keyword

It also reproducible on Ubuntu, too.
Ah, I couldn't reproduce it because I had the "Highlight All" button checked. Can you please file a new bug for this and make it block bug 1312008? Thanks.
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Support nsDisplaySolidColorRegion to WR DisplayItems r=mstange
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