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"About Mozilla" menu item in both Mozilla and Help menus


(SeaMonkey :: Help Documentation, defect, minor)

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(Reporter: kasumi, Assigned: jag+mozilla)


(Keywords: helpwanted)


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Tested on 2002-03-19-03-trunk
OS = Mac X (10.1) JA

1. Launch navigator
2. Select Netscape in menu bar
3. You will see "About Netscape 6" 
4. Select Help in menu bar
5. You will see another "About Netscape 6" 

Expected: Remove menu item "About Netscape 6" form either menu
Terri - Can you verify this? I don't see the Mac platform a lot. Trying to clean
up my buglist.
Summary: Multiple menu items "About Netscape 6" in Menu bar → Multiple menu items "About Netscape 6" in Menu bar
For 7.0, "About Netscape" 
Keywords: nsbeta1
Yes i see this on Mac OS X branch build 20020521
is this still a problem?
Yes. Still on 2003-01-06-11-trunk
Currently,  "About Netscape" instead of  "About Netscape 6". 
Blocks: 14532
Kasumi, where exactly do you see "Netscape" in a Mozilla build?
Is this the standard english build?
The "Help" - "About Mozilla" menu does take the "Mozilla" string the same way on
all platforms. I could only find one usage of the brand short name in a
Mac-specific file and that also gets the "Mozilla" string.
I no longer test Mozilla/Netscape product.
Terri: Could you repond it please?
adt: nsbeta1-
Keywords: nsbeta1nsbeta1-
No longer says "Netscape 6".
No longer blocks: 14532
Severity: normal → minor
OS: All → MacOS X
Summary: Multiple menu items "About Netscape 6" in Menu bar → "About Mozilla" menu item in both Mozilla and Help menus
moving stuff over to an outside-the-firewall email for the time being, looking
for people to pick these Help and doc bugs up for me.
Assignee: oeschger → oeschger
mass reassign of all of Ian Oeschger's bugs to me (R.J. Keller).
Assignee: oeschger → rlk
Mac OS 10.1.5 Mozilla 2003082903

Just confirming that the problem still exists. "About Mozilla" is in both the
left "Mozilla" menu and the "Help" menu.
what "Mozilla" menu? Am I not seeing something? I can't repro this.
Daniel, can you reproduce this?
Keywords: qawanted
QA Contact: tpreston → stolenclover
hmm. Not sure how to fix this since I'm not familiar with how Mozilla code works
on MacOS. Feel free to reassign this.
Keywords: qawantedhelpwanted
Hmm... Keller, I found some related bugs: Bug 127704 and bug 215893. I think
your solution might be in bug 215893. In other words - this bug looks like a
dupe of bug 215893.
No, it's not, because bug 215893 is for Firebird. I have no clue how to fix
this, so reassign to someone else. C++ is out of my expertise (anyway, is the
Help menu really a help issue?).
-> XP App people
Assignee: rlk → jag
QA Contact: stolenclover → pawyskoczka
duping to a bug w/ patch

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of 215893 ***
Closed: 17 years ago
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
Product: Browser → Seamonkey
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