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Netscape-branded content in Mozilla tree


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(Keywords: meta)

I really don't want to piss against Netscape, but what's lying in the SeaMonkey tree isn't funny anymore.

There's lot of "Netscape" showing and poping up, that's ok *for now*. But please take a look at "Help|About Communicator".
This article might interesting for the relevance:
reporter(ben), could you please change the summary and clearly(and succinctly) state the
problem in the body of this bug? - Thanks
Summary: Netscape → "Netscape" appearing in chrome
I noticed, the copyright page as changed since the last days, but most problems

I'm not even close to being a lawyer, but if it right, what I know of NPL/MPL,
there're still at least the following legal/ethnical problems (ignore all
invalid ones):

- No mention of MPL (other licences?)
- NPL 1.0 (isn't 1.1 current?)
- No mention of other Initial Developers (even stating Netscape is the only one)
- Mozilla is no commercial item
Assignee: shuang → chofmann
I am giving this one to chofmann to find proper person for the clean up work. I
suspect that there mignt be other locations that have similar problems.
Assignee: chofmann → don
this clean up work is underway.  -> don, cc hyatt,pavlov,matt
I note a lot of this stuff is gone as of 1999102608. Stuff associated with
"What's Related" lingers. For one, shouldn't the "Related Links" stuff point to rather than and
Braden, could you please explain "this stuff"? Problems 1, 3 and 4 I mentioned
still exist.
Braden, if you speak about the skin, I have to second that. I see much less
"Netscape", although it is still there, e.g the default message window of
Messenger or "Help|New to the Net". Links to Netscape, where no open source
counterpart exists (at the moment), will be harder, like "Help|Help", "Help|Tech
Support", the additional panels and "My Netscape".

And don't forget the dialogs! (Sorry, can't be more specific.)
There is no netscape stuff in
help menu's.   I don't know if we are going to yank
the my netscape bookmarks.  Brendan, Shaver?  Who makes the call?
in fact, there aren't there anymore, they must have been removed (or I'm
for the prove, that I'm not crasy.
> And don't forget the dialogs! (Sorry, can't be more specific.)

Here's at least one:
Depends on: 17620
Summary: "Netscape" appearing in chrome → [META] "Netscape" appearing in chrome
Making a "meta" bug; adding 17620 as a dependency.
Depends on: 20861
Depends on: 20862
Depends on: 20866
As long as the issues mentioned here aren't ignored...
Priority: P3 → P1
Target Milestone: M13
Fix this in M13.
Depends on: 21575
Assignee: don → shaver
QA Contact: claudius → dmose
I have fixes for most of the chrome stuff.  I want to hit the M12 tree with
Target Milestone: M13 → M14
Updating milestone to match latest milestone of dependency (M14 for 21575).
Keywords: meta
Doing l10n work I ran across "Netscape" strings in
Shouldn't that also be changed to "Mozilla"?
Moving all UE/UI bugs to new component: User Interface: Design Feedback
UE/UI component will be deleted.
Component: UE/UI → User Interface: Design Feedback
in the Tasks menu there is a menu item labled "Netscape".  Should this be 
"Browser" or "Mozilla".
oops, I meant "Navigator" in the Tasks menu.  It also shows up in the File menu.
I think ``Navigator'' is fine.  It's one of the names we use for the browser
component (c.f. chrome://navigator/content/ or what have you).
Bug #27477 is about the problems I mentioned in the copyright page.
Depends on: 27477
Depends on: 30653
the netcenter bookmarks are back in the default profile.

adding another dependancy
Depends on: 31531
ok, so maybe they never went away and I'm just blind.
Widening scope from the word "Netscape" to all Netscape-specific chrome. I hope,
that in your interest, shaver.

Please add all concrete bugs as dependency.

pavlov, I think you forgot to actually add the dependency to the bookmarks bug.

Summary: [META] "Netscape" appearing in chrome → Netscape-specific chrome in Mozilla tree
Depends on: 33801
Adding 'skins' keyword to selected chrome bugs.  Please add any omissions.  
Sorry for any mistakes...
Keywords: skins
Blocks: 29160
Shouldn't this bug be re-targetted for a current or future milestone, hopefully 
Target Milestone: M14 → M16
Mass-adding beta2 keyword to all skins bugs.
Keywords: beta2
removing from skins radar after discussing with shaver.
No longer blocks: 29160
Keywords: skins
Keywords: nsbeta2
Putting on [nsbeta2-] radar. 
Keywords: beta2
Whiteboard: [nsbeta-]
Depends on: 37843
No longer depends on: 17620
Depends on: 37873
Depends on: 37875
Depends on: 37877
Upating [nsbeta-] to read [nsbeta2-] in Status Whiteboard.
Whiteboard: [nsbeta-] → [nsbeta2-]
bug 20862 is set for M18. bug 37877 has no milestone. Since this bug can't be
resolved untill they are fixed, Either they need to be moved to M16 or this bug
(and bug 37877) need to be moved to M18.
M16 has been out for a while now, these bugs target milestones need to be 
Depends on: 46400
Depends on: 51507
Depends on: 53937
Depends on: 43675
Depends on: 50242
Depends on: 50523
Depends on: 53764
Depends on: 55790
IMO this is a MUSTFIX for mozilla1.0, especially if Netscape did not promise not
to sue competing Mozilla distributors because of this bug.
Keywords: mozilla1.0
I agree that this is a 1.0 issue.  I'm cleaning up TM and keywords and stuff,
and will try to make time today to go look at the depended-upon bugs and figure
out which should also be a 1.0 issue.
Keywords: mozilla1.0, nsbeta2
Summary: Netscape-specific chrome in Mozilla tree → Netscape-branded content in Mozilla tree
Whiteboard: [nsbeta2-]
Target Milestone: M16 → mozilla1.0
--> Tracking
Component: User Interface: Design Feedback → Tracking
Depends on: 55055
Depends on: 58474
Depends on: 60283
Depends on: 54492
Depends on: 61051
Depends on: 76547
Depends on: 83196
Depends on: 96871
Depends on: 56229, 97156
Depends on: 86063
Depends on: 99988
Depends on: 46917
Depends on: 53171
Depends on: 119765
I totally disagree.

Why the anti-Netscape bias? Is Netscape leaving the project?
Last time I looked, Netscape started this project. Netscape is funding
it. Netscape is promoting it, and still suddenly "netscape" is a curse word??.

Look at Sun and their OpenOffice / StarOffice... OpenOffice is open source, YET,
when you check the "about..." you see "Copyright Sun Microsystems, and contributors". That is an open source project not ashamed of
praising (instead of biting) the hand that feeds them.

I am seeing a small but growing anti-Netscape movement in the
community, some extremists that wish that Netscape (the browser and the company)
"would just go away". In my opinipon, these elements are of little value to, and the development of corporate-sponsored open source projects.

I'm frankly tired of all the "remove Netscape"-bashing.  First it was Netscape
and now AOL who has spent a lot of money developing Mozilla -- true, there's
some amount of outside development, but the bulk of it has been funded by AOL
for use in their Netscape product.  The least you can do is lend a few kind words.

Personally, I use the Netscape-branded browser (Netscape 7 is a very good
browser on all three platforms) and I use their portal site.  You should, too. 
All of this stupid Slashdot groupthink of "Mozilla good, Netscape bad!"
completely ignores the fact that if there were no Netscape, there would be no

Or the more likely scenario -- if AOL hadn't acquired Netscape, Netscape might
have gone out of business without the backing of a big tech player, and most of
you would be using Mozilla 0.2 right now.

Give Netscape some credit, folks, even if it means just a small little word
somewhere in the about box or in the docs.

They're trying to be a good open source citizen.  Don't disappoint them with a
childish "take take take" attitude.

Just my $0.02

> Why the anti-Netscape bias?

The first words here read "I really don't want to piss against Netscape", and
were totally meant this way. I don't have anything against Netscape as a company.

Ever heard of trademark law? I don't want to risk to be sued just for
distributing a Mozilla binary. Having Beonex or whatever call itself "Netscape"
in the browser UI is just embarrassing, also.
More responses in bug 37877 comment 20.

You should have seen Mozilla back when the bug was filed (more than 3 years
ago!). The state today is relatively OK, left are only more or less nitpicks.

Thanks to gerv and all others who helped with this bug, BTW. Oh, and while I am
at it, thanks to Netscape for the huge general code contributions to Mozilla.
No longer depends on: 46917
Depends on: 112271
Depends on: 135258
Depends on: 188860
No longer depends on: 135258
As stated in the last comment, this is 98% fixed. The remaining blockers are
mostly void, wontfix or irrelevant. So, as the reporter, I am declaring this
fixed. Thanks a lot to all the people who helped with that, including gerv and
probably others I don't remember or are not aware of!
Closed: 20 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
No longer depends on: 53171
Product: Core → Core Graveyard
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