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Urlbar loses focus when switching to a tab with permission panel


(Firefox :: Site Identity, defect, P5)

53 Branch



Tracking Status
firefox52 --- unaffected
firefox53 - wontfix
firefox54 --- fix-optional
firefox55 --- fix-optional


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(Keywords: regression)

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I have a problem with Firefox Beta 53. It also happens in Nightly 55. Doesn't happen in Beta 52, ESR 45.
Sometimes when switching to tab with site identity block, location bar (unpredictably) looses focus.
Here's a ways to reproduce the bug:

1. Open in a new tab.
2. Open in the last tab, click button "Location" on the page
3. Type anything in location bar
4. Switch to the tab with , then switch back to the tab with 

Result: Location bar looses focus.
Expected: Location bar should preserve focus.

Probably related bug: Bug 1349453.
Has STR: --- → yes
Keywords: regression
See Also: → 1352764
See Also: → 1352769
I did a regression range on Windows 10 x64 and here is the regression window: 

Last good revision: 771f1590f03efec066b2118cad52f11fd17d43ce
First bad revision: 785314dbec5772bc3b0f0bc18f6ab63fec750193

Looks like the following bug has the  changes which introduced the regression:
Blocks: 1328304
Has Regression Range: --- → yes
Ever confirmed: true
Sounds like another fairly minor regression from bug 1328304. Since that is a privacy issue I don't want to back it out this late in beta. Johann, what do you think? Can we live with this for 53 and do you want to have a stab at fixing it for 54/55?
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Yeah, sorry, our triage process is a bit delayed due to some re-organization (and Photon) right now. I'll make the call that this is minor enough to ignore for 53.

Pdol, do you think this is something we should track for 54?
Flags: needinfo?(jhofmann) → needinfo?(pdolanjski)
(In reply to Johann Hofmann [:johannh] from comment #3)
> Pdol, do you think this is something we should track for 54?

Yes, that seems like the right call.  Adding elan to track.
Flags: needinfo?(pdolanjski) → needinfo?(elancaster)
Tracking 54+ based on Comment 4.
Johann, Peter, can you find someone to actually work on this issue? All that "tracking" it is going to do, is bring it up for release management to triage again in order to make sure someone's assigned.  

Since we're already past early beta 54 let's defer this to 55.
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Flags: needinfo?(jhofmann)
I'm making the call that this is too minor for anyone from the team to look into right now. We'll happily take patches.
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Flags: needinfo?(jhofmann)
Flags: needinfo?(elancaster)
Priority: -- → P5
Severity: normal → S3
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