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linux debug e10s M-bc jobs run for too long


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All jobs in the series run > 60 minutes usually, with some running > 90 minutes. We're seeing a few 90 minute timeouts in bug 1204281.

Linux 32 seems more problematic, but Linux 64 seems to have similar job run times.
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Do you have any idea if there are particular tests that take a long time, or is this just all the tests being slow enough in this configuration to push it over the limit?
I don't have a clear idea. Reporting the slowest test is handy for that sort of query...but we don't seem to report that for mochitest-bc.

I don't see individual test timeouts in the jobs that timed out, and I don't notice huge gaps in timestamps when I scroll through the logs.

Consider one of our recent failures,, a 90 minute timeout in linux32 debug mochitest-bc-e10s-5. The previous run of that job was, which took 89 minutes. Before that was, 90 minutes, but green.

There is considerable variability in the run time of the linux debug mochitest-bc jobs, but almost all of them are usually 60+ minutes and 80+ minute runs are not uncommon.
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