Adjust threshold for Gamepad button `pressed` state and introduce pref to handle slightly sticky controller buttons

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My HTC Vive controller trigger has a tiny bit of stickiness to it. Sometimes a trigger up doesn’t fully unset the gamepad `pressed` state. I have to pull up on the trigger a bit to release it.

In content such as A-Frame, this would cause bugs where if I released the trigger, my hand model would get often stuck in the grab/fist pose.

Adjust the default value a bit. Make it a preference to be changeable.
Example on HTC Vive, on Firefox Nightly:
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It is because HTC Vive has a threshold (0.55f) at their hardware for the trigger button. Only when the value around 0.55f will do the `pressed` state change. We can do some adjustment by our own if we want.
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Bug 1353523 - Add adjustable threshold value for VR controller trigger inputs;

LGTM, Thanks!
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Add adjustable threshold value for VR controller trigger inputs; r=kip
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