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[Mortar] Figure out PDF form input's quality


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(Reporter: ywu, Assigned: ywu)



I am planing to figure out how to set up the test cases for ensuring PDF form input's quality. I think there are two things I at least need to do here.

(1) set up testing cases
(2) check out how RTL works on pdfium
Thanks for filing this bug. In general we will need to measure and even set-up automations (test cases) to monitor the improvement from release to release, and also avoid regression. 

I'm interested in knowing what kind of testing cases for forms in you mind. It will be good to use this bug as a meta and breakdown into a series of tests.

As of RTL, it will be helpful to also run tests against pdf.js or Chrome(?) so we have a comparison target.
I haven't had much thoughts on how we are going to test it but I think there are *three/four* different scenarios that can be tested. (1) ascii characters (2) characters are entered through the IME (3) ESC/Backspace[1] (4) RTL characters[2]

[1] erasing and deleting characters are handling separately in pepper pdfium.
[2] RTL is the one I am not fully sure if it is supported or it's part of (2). We have to figure it out.

This is still pretty rough. Just the thing I can think of.
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has no plan for this.
close it now.
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