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[meta] Add content and images on sub-pages in Preferences


(Firefox :: Preferences, enhancement)

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Firefox 57


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(Keywords: meta)

User Story

The scope of content is limited to 4 items.
- Update Firefox sync illustration to be consistent with the onboarding tour
- Have an illustration when there are no search results
- Change the sad face to the smiley face when user sets Firefox as their default browser
- Change the sad face to the smiley face when user updates Firefox to the latest version

The above illustration should follow UX specs
We will add content images on some sub-pages (e.g. General, Files & Applications, ...) in Preferences when some situations happen.
We don't have the spec yet. We'll break down the meta bug once we have the spec.
Whiteboard: [photon][photon-preference]
Blocks: photon-preference
No longer blocks: 1357306
Summary: [meta] Add content images on sub-pages in Preferences → [meta] Add content and images on sub-pages in Preferences
Whiteboard: [photon][photon-preference] → [photon-preference]
Blocks: 1357306
No longer blocks: photon-preference
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 57
User Story: (updated)
Hi Sean,
Could you provide the latest illustration for those 4 items listed in the user story? Thanks!
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User Story: (updated)
Depends on: 1359307
Depends on: 1361952
Depends on: 1361954
Depends on: 1361956
Depends on: 1361957
Keywords: meta
No longer depends on: 1359307
No longer depends on: 1361956
No longer depends on: 1361957
No longer depends on: 1361954
No longer depends on: 1361952
No longer blocks: 1357306
Closed: 2 years ago
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Whiteboard: [photon-preference]
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