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Update cubeb from upstream to 6e52314


(Core :: Audio/Video: cubeb, defect, P1)




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firefox55 --- fixed


(Reporter: achronop, Assigned: achronop)


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Pick commits:

6e52314 Alex Chronopoulos       audiounit: Add unique id in aggregate device name and UID. (#280)
36b10ff Dan Glastonbury Rename g_log_... to g_cubeb_log_...
fd66f15 Chun-Min Chang  Remove .get() for unique_ptr
8939c0d Chun-Min Chang  Replace RAII wrapper with unique_ptr
935208c Lioncash        cubeb_wasapi: Correct duplicate bitwise OR entry in wasapi_enumerate_devices()
c02db67 Lioncash        cubeb_sndio: Fix leak in sndio_stream_init() failure case
72a9685 Michael Maltese tests: Remove code preferring floats on Win32
2bb3e25 Michael Maltese wasapi: Implement S16NE-format streams
9679dce Michael Maltese Extract wasapi invalid format message to cubeb_stream_init
727a7a4 Michael Maltese wasapi: Add and use class mixing_wrapper
eacf836 Michael Maltese wasapi: Use auto_array_wrapper for linear input buffer
38d7491 Michael Maltese audiounit: extract auto_array_wrapper to cubeb_utils
ebf8674 Matthew Gregan  opensl: Rename __system_property_get wrapper to avoid build issues. (#279)
2c004d8 ligfx   audiounit: remove draining logic from input_callback (#272)
b6e2332 Chun-Min Chang  Add a deadlock test on OSX (#266)
7c65020 Chun-Min Chang  Rename mixer stuff
d17eee0 Chun-Min Chang  Use auto-for-loop in test_mixer.cpp and fix typo
6e3a6ae Chun-Min Chang  Use plain std::unique_ptr and new instead of custom deleter
2b1132b Chun-Min Chang  Using gtest style's error message in cubeb (#274)
61aaac2 Chun-Min Chang  assert everywhere rather than returning a result
7d68ec2 Chun-Min Chang  Replace cubeb_cleaner and cubeb_stream_cleaner by unique_ptr
2612c20 Chun-Min Chang  Using RAII helpers for cubeb context and stream but leaving test_sanity for explicit flow control
Blocks: 1355306
Assignee: nobody → achronop
Rank: 15
Priority: -- → P1
Attachment #8859590 - Flags: review?(padenot) → review+
Closed: 3 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla55
Depends on: 1358756
Depends on: 1362764
See bug 1388437 comment 24 pointing to this update as a cause of a very common crash.
(In reply to Milan Sreckovic [:milan] from comment #5)
> See bug 1388437 comment 24 pointing to this update as a cause of a very
> common crash.

This is likely bug 1362764 (linked from this bug), which was uplifted (via bug 1386957) to 56 but not 55.
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