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Please add {tracking,status}-seamonkey-esr2.49 to the tracking flags and enable approval-comm-esr52 for SeaMonkey attachments


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SeaMonkey plans to build 2.49.x releases from comm-esr52/mozilla-esr52 for the next cycle. In analogy to Thunderbird, please add the following tracking flags:


Alternatively, let the {tracking,status}-seamonkey2.49 flags persist beyond the current cycle.

Also, please enable approval‑comm‑esr52 for attachments filed in SeaMonkey bugs.
if I were to add tracking-seamonkey-esr2.49/status-seamonkey-esr2.49, these would look different than the current scheme
which omits the - before the number, so you'd have status-seamonkey2.49 for instance.

Do you want to just keep using the non-esr version, or to introduce the hyphen into the naming convention?
It doesn't matter to me.
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status-seamonkey2.49esr (the direct derivation of status-seamonkey2.49) is close to what's proposed in bug 1346939 comment #1 and would also be my personal preference. I've changed it here in the request after seeing status-firefox-esr52 (vs. status-firefox52), but as we are off with the numbering anyway, let's just make it {status,tracking}-seamonkey2.49esr then.

Can the status-seamonkey2.49 and tracking-seamonkey2.49 flags just be renamed to status-seamonkey2.49esr and tracking-seamonkey2.49esr and made persistent? In this way, existing requests for 2.49 would switch over to 2.49esr given that there won't be a release from the c-r/m-r repositories.
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Sure, I can do that.
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Thanks, did you also enable approval‑comm‑esr52 for SeaMonkey attachments?
I don't see it, e.g., at bug 1352850 attachment 8853829 [details] [diff] [review].
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weird, I thought I had selected that. It is there now
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Thanks, it works!
(In reply to Dylan Hardison [:dylan] (he/him) from comment #5)
> weird, I thought I had selected that. It is there now

Unfortunately I am not sure the permissions have been added. I can usually + comm-release, I cannot + comm-esr52
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This is controlled by thunderbird-drivers, need to ask

Mark Banner (:standard8) or Blake Winton (:bwinton) if that is okay.

Can be a member of thunderbird drivers, so they can set approval‑comm‑esr52 on Seamonkey bugs?
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I'm pretty sure neither Mark nor I are thunderbird-drivers anymore…  Maybe Wayne or Kent?
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There used to be some sort of way for the approval-comm-* flags where we could actually create two and have the permissions different. Can't quite remember how I did that now, maybe looking through the flags history might help.
magnus or jorgk may be quickest
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I know nothing about it. Kent organised "special powers" for me in bug 1239393.
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Blocks: 1361532
I don't know either, I think standard8 set me up back in the day. Supposedly bugzilla has some UI for this but one needs to have the right permissions/groups to see it.
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It appears I was wrong about the comm-esr flags.

What we did have was setup for approval-comm-beta etc. What we had was:

approval-comm-beta flag id 733
- SeaMonkey flag
- Setup for products: Developer Services / Mozilla Localisations / Other Applications / SeaMonkey
- Grant group: seamonkey-council

approval-comm-beta flag id 767
- Thunderbird flag
- Setup for products: Chat Core / Mailnews Core / Mozilla Messaging (now obsolete) / Thunderbird
- Grant group: thunderbird-drivers

So I think something like this could be reflected with the approval-comm-esr* flags.
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perfect, that is what I should do.

Thanks for providing the details!
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New sea-monkey variant flag created, let me know if I missed something.
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Looks like this got resolved without me!
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