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Azure site is very slow to scroll because blur filter


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1. Visit
2. Scroll using the arrow keys (or do something that causes drawing).

You'll get lots of lag. Based on a profile, all the time is spent in rasterization. I'm on Linux; this may not be a problem with D2D.
Can you post a link to the profile?
It's content process 4/4.
This is caused by the blur filter code. With Direct2D this code runs on the GPU so should be better.

For the software case we might be blurring too much our blur code is also not as fast as it could be.
Summary: Azure site is very slow to scroll → Azure site is very slow to scroll because blur filter
Depends on: 1365730
Depends on: webrender
Whiteboard: [gfx-noted]
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Component: Graphics: Layers → Graphics: WebRender
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