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Inheritance logic in HasAuthorSpecifiedRules is slightly wrong for text-shadow


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This is a minor bug in nsRuleNode::HasAuthorSpecifiedRules that I noticed while porting its code to Stylo (bug 1349651).  nsRuleNode.cpp contains this comment:

>  // We need to be careful not to count styles covered up by user-important or
>  // UA-important declarations.  But we do want to catch explicit inherit
>  // styling in those and check our parent style context to see whether we have
>  // user styling for those properties.  Note that we don't care here about
>  // inheritance due to lack of a specified value, since all the properties we
>  // care about are reset properties.

However, the last sentence (and the associated code) became incorrect when bug 721750 added 'text-shadow' to the list of "properties we care about."

It's probably rare for this to affect any users. Because Gecko's UA stylesheets don't contain any UA-important declarations that set 'text-shadow', this bug is only triggered if there is a user stylesheet with a !important declaration that sets 'text-shadow'.

The effect of the bug is that the wrong 'text-shadow' style could be applied to selected text.
Priority: -- → P3
Blocks: 1384691
No longer blocks: 1384691
Depends on: 1384691
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Comment on attachment 8917642 [details]
Bug 1363088 - Remove text-shadow handling from HasAuthorSpecifiedRules.

::: layout/style/nsRuleNode.cpp:10514
(Diff revision 1)
> -
>    // properties in the SIDS, whether or not we care about them
>    size_t nprops = 0,
> -         backgroundOffset, borderOffset, paddingOffset, textShadowOffset;
> +         backgroundOffset, borderOffset, paddingOffset;
>    // We put the reset properties the start of the nsCSSValue array....

Can drop this comment.
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Remove text-shadow handling from HasAuthorSpecifiedRules. r=heycam
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