stylo: There's another caller of HasAuthorSpecifiedRules that doesn't go through the pres context (text-shadow in selection may behave differently).

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2 years ago
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2 years ago
This is in [1].

It's somewhat annoying because it gives us a pseudo-element style... It's presumably not terrible to implement.

That being said, stylo doesn't fail any text-shadow-selected-x tests right now...

It's only used to set mHasSelectionShadow. But there are no text-shadow UA rules, so that will always return true iff mTextShadow is non-null, I think, except for user sheets...

Anyway, need to look into it more in detail.

Somewhat related to bug 1363088 (which is a bug in both Gecko and Stylo).
Depends on: 1363088
Priority: -- → P3

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a year ago
I'm looking into whether we can actually just remove that call as well as mHasSelectionShadow.
Assignee: nobody → xidorn+moz
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This is probably OK - at least, so far I don't see why it shouldn't be, though I'd like to look at it a bit more and try to understand what the code was attempting to do. But in looking at text selection examples, I'm seeing an alarming difference between non-stylo and stylo behavior, at least on macOS. (I mention this because selection highlighting differs significantly between platforms, so it's possible this is a Mac-only regression.)

Filed bug 1401317 to look into that.

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a year ago
Comment on attachment 8907476 [details]
Bug 1384691 - Unconditionally set mHasSelectionShadow when -moz-selection pseudo element is used.

Yeah, I think it should be fine to do this. Sorry for the delay here.
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a year ago
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Unconditionally set mHasSelectionShadow when -moz-selection pseudo element is used. r=jfkthame
Last Resolved: a year ago
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a year ago
Blocks: 1363088
No longer depends on: 1363088
Does this need uplift to Beta or can it ride the 58 train?
Flags: needinfo?(xidorn+moz)

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a year ago
I don't think it's important to uplift it to Beta. Let's just have it ride the 58 train.
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status-firefox57: affected → wontfix
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