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Don't offer to load Flash (when Ask-to-Activate) if it has no srcURI


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(firefox55 fixed)

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firefox55 --- fixed


(Reporter: Felipe, Assigned: Felipe)



User Story

Specification of behavior:
* when Flash marked click-to-activate
** any <object> which would have no data (no nsIObjectLoadingContent.srcURI) should not trigger any click-to-play behavior and should always use fallback content
* When Flash is active for a site
** Flash with no data should instantiate as it does today (otherwise swfobject would break)


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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #1363713 +++

Copying Description & User Story from bug 1363713. That bug handled this in the shield addon, and this bug is to handle this in the favor fallback code.


The SWFObject library is used extensively throughout the web as a wrapper for instantiating Flash on various browsers. It has a function that it runs at startup `testPlayerVersion` which checks the Flash version by creating an "empty" Flash instance (no data).

This triggers the plugin infobar in every case and seems to be one of the most common reasons for seeing the infobar.
See Also: → 1363713
So the patch for this turned out to be really simple! I realized I forgot to write tests for this feature, so I write a comprehensive one that covers this new rule and all the past rules.

I intend to activate this rule + the "video" rule in bug 1317856 (for Nightly users)
Comment on attachment 8867851 [details]
Bug 1364505 - Add a rule to favor plugin fallback content when no srcURI has been specified.
Attachment #8867851 - Flags: review?(kyle) → review+
Comment on attachment 8867852 [details]
Bug 1364505 - Write tests for plugin favor-fallback mode.
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Didn't see a patch over there for it yet (guessing you were waiting for me here, since you mentioned in Comment #3), but just making sure, you're adding the nosrc rule in another patch on bug 1317856 then, right?
Yep, that is correct!
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Add a rule to favor plugin fallback content when no srcURI has been specified. r=qDot
Write tests for plugin favor-fallback mode. r=qDot
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