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Port bug 1356507 to TB [Show version and updater in the preferences update pane]


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FX introduced the version info and the update check in the preferences. If the user is already there to config the update policy, he can now directly check if a update is available.
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Magnus, what do you think, do we want this? I think at least the version info is handy.

I could also add a switch to show the update row only in the in-content prefs.
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I'll jump in from a support perspective to say I agree with the rationale starting at bug 1356507 comment 5, and I believe we should do this Thunderbird. (And too bad we didn't do it years ago)
See Also: → 1356507
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Added showing the BuildID also in the about dialog.
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I find it a bit sad that FF decided not to include the complete build ID (with the time). That could be useful. Anyway, we follow that. Or would you consider showing the full thing, for example:
Build ID : 20170517030204
Is that available elsewhere in the UI?
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The time is available in the troubleshooting info's. I think, this would make sense when multiple Dailies per day would be produced. The prefs interface is to show the user there is a update available and not for version info when he has troubles.
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Keywords: checkin-needed
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(In reply to Jorg K (GMT+2) from comment #6)
> +<!ENTITY updateApp.version.pre           "Version ">

(In reply to Francesco Lodolo [:flod] from bug 1356507 comment 40)
> >  <!ENTITY updateApplication.label         "&brandShortName; Updates">
> > +<!ENTITY updateApplication.version       "Version ">
> a) a localization note explaining it, so localizers will know why the space
> is needed

Note that TB currently appears to display 2 spaces in a row in the Update tab ("Version  55.0a1"), as if a hardcoded one is also included in addition to the one in the string. This doesn’t clearly strike in Firefox due to its in-content prefs (or in TB when enabling them), but it certainly does in TB’s default pref dialog/pane.

In other words: are you sure the additional one is required in this string or should the hardcoded one be removed, if possible?  (For consistency, changing this both in TB and FF would be nice.)
It's needed. What is needed is a

#version {
  margin-inline-start: 0;

It could be a !important is needed for macOS. But I need to check this.
Depends on: 1368823
Depends on: 1369850
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