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Printing Event Invitation incomplete


(Calendar :: Printing, defect)

Lightning 5.4
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Steps to reproduce:

Installing 52.1.1 on different machines -> same result
Installing previous version -> expected result

Actual results:

When you try to print an event invitation, the event is missing, even in the print preview.
Only the header (from, to, subject et.) is shown.

Expected results:

The header and the event are shown and you can find it on the print.
I can confirm that when printing a message that contains an event, the event doesn't show up in print preview.
Component: Message Reader UI → General
Ever confirmed: true
Product: Thunderbird → Calendar
Version: 52 Branch → Lightning 5.4
Component: General → Printing
Any error console messages? Can you attach a screenshot?
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No error in the console. I think this is a problem of how the ICS attachment is rendered for printing, as a wild guess, maybe some MIME call not being set up correctly. I've just come across this recently:
Maybe not triggered for printing. Anyway, I could be 500% wrong ;-(
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We had an issue with that in 4.7.*, but this was successfully fixed with bug 1268856, so this has been working again with 4.7.2++ and must be a regression. Have there been any mime handling changed for TB52 in mailnews?
(In reply to [:MakeMyDay] from comment #4)
> Have there been any mime handling changes for TB52 in mailnews?
Yes, plenty:

I'm sure Alice can find the regression for us. Alice, please print preview the attached message (from bug 1360155, slightly edited).
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Attached file Event test 3.eml
Thanks Alice. Very much appreciated, as always.

Looks like MIME and me didn't break it, but you calendar guys did ;-)
Thanks for detectiong the regression range. Yes, my bad. With bug 1225784, I accidentally partly reverted the fix from bug 1268856.

This patch takes care of it.
Assignee: nobody → makemyday
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Closed: 4 years ago
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Works nicely now, thanks for fixing it quickly!
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