Cannot disable syncing of themes without disabling syncing of addons




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Steps to reproduce:

1) Using both Firefox and Firefox for Developers
2) For 5 years had visual separation between DEV and normal. DEV = Dark Normal = Light

Actual results:

1) Starting 2017-05-23 when I change theme in Firefox for Developers, it changed also in Firefox and vice versa
There is now way how to avoid this unwanted behavior

Expected results:

1) User should have ability to disable theme sync across multiple instances
Confirmed, when you change the theme on one desktop, it updates it on theother desktop firefox synced with it. No options to disable that in the preferences (except not sync addons, but that's not really a solution).
Component: Untriaged → Sync
Ever confirmed: true
As I mentioned to the reporter in bug 428377 comment 8, I believe comment 0 is talking about light-weight themes, which can be disabled by flipping the pref "services.sync.prefs.sync.lightweightThemes.selectedThemeID" to false.

"Full" themes are going away and a new webextension model is being worked on in bug 1330328. It appears these are likely to be more like light-weight themes, so it may be that the same preference will work then (and it may be we should add some UI around this) - but we almost certainly aren't going to work on this bug until the new API is in place.
Depends on: 1330328
Summary: Cannot disable theme sync → Cannot disable syncing of themes without disabling syncing of addons
Priority: -- → P3
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