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tabs show the url name but awesomebar shows about:blank and tab cannot be loaded or refreshed and is gone from the data storage


(Firefox :: Session Restore, defect)

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Sorry for mistakes first bug posting

Like the above on vanilla profile no modifications,
open many tabs, when they fail to reload for various reasons and many times will not show try again/refresh error page,
instead of retain url address in awesome bar they show about:blank but the tabs tool tip shows the correct name, but the data in the tab is gone from it and hence cannot be reloaded or refresh 

Restarting Firefox 55 blank tabs show about:blank in it's name where as in older versions they were plain and showed **New Tab** in it's label, is this change intended? Looks odd as NewTab label was easy and new one looks suspicious.

searched in bugzilla some bugs look similar but *not exactly same*

added in see also section.
Severity: critical → normal
Component: Location Bar → Session Restore
Priority: P1 → --
Please also see Bug 1354796 and the comment towards the bottom.
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No need to NI me for that.
Flags: needinfo?(epinal99-bugzilla2)
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