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[LeanPlum] - Tapping on device back button doesn't dismiss the prompt


(Firefox for Android :: General, defect, P1)

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Tracking Status
firefox55 --- affected


(Reporter: sflorean, Assigned: vlad.baicu)


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(Whiteboard: [Leanplum] [61])

Device: Huawei Honor (Android 5.1.1);
Build: Nightly 55.0a1 (2017-05-30);
Prerequisite: Enable LeanPlum from Switchboard Experiments.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Launch Fennec and go to a page;
2. Fennec is launched succesfully. A message: "This page could be a reader mode page" is displayed. With options: No, Newsletter!
3. Tap on device back button.

Expected result:
The prompt is dismiss.

Actual result:
Nothing. The button is not responding.

-The prompt is not dismiss if the user taps on screen.  
-Reproducible with all the prompts.
Yes.. this is the expected behavior for "Confirm" type dialog. We need some UX decision here.
Flags: needinfo?(tchen)
Current Fennec in-app messages allow users to close and go back to previous page by pressing back button. From UX perspective it's better to make it consistent.
Flags: needinfo?(tchen) → needinfo?(cnevinchen)
per triage with Nevin, let's make it a P2 given it is the current 3rd party behavior and we should use this in app message with caution. In the mean time we should ask for a fix from our partner
Priority: -- → P2
Got it. Thanks!
Flags: needinfo?(cnevinchen)
[triage] Bulk edit: product thinks leanplum is high priority: P1 rank 1.
Rank: 1
Priority: P2 → P1
Whiteboard: [Leanplum]
This can wait until 61, considering we will be replacing dialogs with banners (
Whiteboard: [Leanplum] → [Leanplum] [61]
Assignee: nobody → vlad.baicu
Tested again on latest Nightly build (2018-04-02) with affected device Huawei Honor (Android 5.1.1) and Google Pixel (Android 8.1.0) and this issue is not reproducing. I will close this bug as WORKSFORME.
Closed: 3 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
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