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Intermittent layout/style/test/test_dont_use_document_colors.html | color is blocked - got "rgb(255, 255, 0)", expected "rgb(0, 0, 0)"


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This doesn't seem stylo-only.  Could something have caused pushPrefEnv to not be reliable?
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I've been doing some retriggers to isolate this; so far the earliest occurrence I got is on:
but I suspect I'll get one earlier.
thanks for looking into this :dbaron.
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OK, I think this is a regression from bug 1363829, though it took an unusually large number of retriggers on the exact landing changeset to get a failure, relative to later changesets.

bkelly, any thoughts?
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I'll take a look tomorrow, but my guess is that the issue is PushPrefEnv().  It uses a setTimeout(f, 0) to allow preferences to apply before calling its callback.  Speeding up setTimeout(f, 0) slightly may have caused this test to start losing a race there.
We're probably racing with this nsPresContext timer:
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Might as well test a potential test fix as well:

Note, I'm leaning towards special casing this in the test vs trying to change SpecialPowers.pushPrefEnv().  It seems that this is due to nsPresShell's specific additional delay after preferences are changed and not a general preference thing.  (Assuming my theories all hold up.)
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Add additional delay to test_dont_use_document_colors.html since nsPresShell delays applying prefs. r=dbaron

This test is racing the setTimeout(f, 0) after built in to the pushPrefEnv() call against an nsPresContext specific nsITimer:

The nsPresContext is using a 0ms nsITimer which will round trip through the TimerThread.

The setTimeout(f, 0) can now result in a simple NS_DispatchToCurrentThread(r).

This patch makes the test wait for a setTimeout(f, 1) to account for the nsITimer in nsPresContext.  I think this is appropriate since the extra delay is only needed for nsPresContext preferences and not all preferences in general.
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Updated the comments and commit message to reference nsPresContext correctly.  I had previously written nsPresShell.
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Add additional delay to test_dont_use_document_colors.html since nsPresContext delays applying prefs. r=dbaron
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